EDGE Marie Curie Research Project

Optimus Chain

Optimus Chain is a project funded through an EDGE Marie Curie Fellowship awarded to Dr. Judie Attard within the ADAPT Research Centre in Trinity College Dublin. The project is supervised by Assistant Professor of Computing at DCU, Rob Brennan, also affiliated with the ADAPT Centre. The project involves collaboration with Collibra, a data governance platform provider, who also provides sponsorship for the research.

Optimus Chain Overview

Data Value Chains are becoming commonly exploited as models that drive data exploitation and value creation initiatives. The problem with such initiatives is that they do not efficiently exploit data value. Stakeholders such as businesses, consultancies, app developers, or any entities that use data, are not obtaining the highest benefits from the data within the initiative in question. A simple example of this is when data being used does not have good quality, and therefore the exploitation process is not efficient, or the results are not reliable. The objective of this project is to provide new methods and tools for the optimisation of data value chains, so that data value can be exploited as efficiently and the full extent of possible benefits can be reaped. To achieve this objective, OptimusChain will focus on developing a decision support tool as an optimisation technique for decision-making within a data value chain. This will require the definition of models, methods, and tools to monitor data value, analyse data value chain processes, and will result in the first tools for end-to-end optimisation of data value chains. OptimusChain will therefore address the market opportunity of turning data into information and ultimately knowledge that can be exploited for both economic and social benefit by citizens, and hence have an impact on the Irish national research priority area: “Data Analytics, Management, Security and Privacy”.

Scientific publications resulting from the research within OptimusChain can be viewed here.

ADAPT Research Centre

Lead Researcher: Dr. Judie Attard (Trinity College Dublin)
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Rob Brennan (Dublin City University)

ADAPT, the Centre for Digital Content Technology, provides a partnership between academia and industry in the field of digital content technology, leading on ground-breaking innovations in areas such as localization, social media analysis, multimodal interaction, intelligent content and media, and informal and formal learning. Funded by Science Foundation Ireland, the centre is led out of Trinity College Dublin and combines the world-class expertise of researchers at Dublin City University, University College Dublin and Dublin Institute of Technology.


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