2nd International Workshop on Data Value

September 17-19th, 2019

Co-located at the IC3K Conference, Vienna

Data Value 2019

The 2nd Data Value Workshop will be co-located at the International Joint Conference on Knowledge Discovery, Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management (IC3K)in Vienna, and will take place on the 17-19th of September 2019.

Dialogue needs to be established with regard to the exploitation of data through the use of data governance, in order to initiate further innovation. Data has become an indispensable commodity. All data has a certain amount of value, and its use will result in a number of different impacts in different dimensions. Data Value Chains are being exploited as models that drive data exploitation and value creation initiatives, yet data value is not yet efficiently exploited. Any entity that uses data, including businesses, consultancies, or app developers, are not obtaining the highest benefits from the data. Data governance, defined as the exercise of authority and control over the management of data assets, is particularly relevant to extract value from heterogeneous, networked, federated, multi-modal data sources. Yet, the governance of data is a largely context-dependent, and a challenge in itself. This workshop has the purpose of bringing together all stakeholders who exploit data with the aim of creating awareness and further understanding of the untapped value that data can yield. This will aid in the advancement of the definition data value, metrics for quantifying the value of data, value-driven data governance, standards, and validation of existing models for data value.

Target Audience

This workshop targets all stakeholders who use or would like to start using data in order to innovate and/or increase their competitive advantage. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Researchers in all domains of study who use data as a basis for their research;
  • Governmental entities who exploit public sector information to provide services; and
  • Businesses/companies who use their internal data and/or acquire external data with the aim of increasing their revenue by becoming more competitive in their target market.

All the above stakeholders will benefit from discussing the topic of data value and sharing challenges, approaches, and results of using data governance in context of data value exploitation.