Governing Value:
The Practice of Exploiting Data Value

September 11th 2018


Accepted Papers

Business Models for Data Assets - The Linked Data Business Cube Revisited - Tassilo Pellegrini, Christian Dirschl, Katja Eck
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Investigating Conditional Data Value Under GDPR - Harshvardhan Jitendra Pandit, Plamen Petkov, Declan O'Sullivan, Dave Lewis
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Towards Real-time Data Value Analytics in Data Service Networks - Pieter De Leenheer, Stijn Christiaens
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Introduction: Defining Data Value and Goals for the Data Value Community - Prof. Rob Brennan, ADAPT Centre, Dublin City University
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Keynote: Data Governance is Dead - Stijn Christiaens, Collibra, USA/Belgium
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Demo iGovernance Suite - Stefano Mino
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